Reef Relief

Re - Brand

Parsons The New School for Design
2017 // New York

Class Topics: Branding
Professor Chelsea Atwell

Original Brand:

Mission Statement

Reef Relief is a non-profit organization that focuses on educating the public on improving and protecting coral reefs. Two of their main activities are the "Discover Coral Reefs School Program" and the "Coral Camp" for children ages 5-16.  The identity was inspired by the vibrant colors and diversity of the reef, keeping in mind the target audience to make the educational content playful and interesting to learn.


A family of 6 interchangeable logos were designed inspired by the diversity of the reef itself, creating a logo that is as diverse and changing as the reef itself. The two R's stand for "Reef Relief" and are placed strategically to present the delicate balance needed to preserve the reefs. The letters are guarding the line in the middle, which is representing the aerial view of the coral reef formation. The morphing shapes represents diversity