One Degree Matters

Event Design,
Branding, Campaign.

New York, 2019
Client: ThoughtMatter
Supervisor: Sam Barbagiovanni
Animations: Jason Chen

El Niño and La Niña are the two most common and overlooked phenomenons responsible for changing the ocean’s temperature in the pacific ocean. Even though this is a natural phenomenon, it is getting much worse and frequent as the years go by, increasing droughts, floods, food scarcity and the spread of diseases. This phenomenon has a world-wide impact, however there is a lack of awareness on the topic beyond the weather getting warmer or colder.

One degree matters believes in education as the method to get people to care, and through a set of interactive and informative posters in an exhibition, it seeks to raise awareness about the phenomenons. The experience allows people to develop a more personal connection with the topic and become more involved with it. It is centered around a series of educational posters

The posters were animated for the exhibition and they represent the 6 main factors that cause El Niño and La Niña. The text is read in the direction the specific factor happens and the background color represents the water temperature it relates to.
1.  The Humboldt Current — Cold water current flowing from south to north
2.  Trade Winds — Wind blowing the warmer surface water towards the equator
3.  Upwelling — The process of cold nutrient-filled water to reach the surface
4.  Warm Water — The theory that warm water rises over cold water 
5.  Cold Water — The theory that colder water sinks on warmer water 
6.  Air Pressure — Air Pressure affecting climate depending on the surface water temperature

The Exhibit Rooms
Meet El Niño and La Niña
World is Water

People tend to care more about a topic when they truly understand what it is, why it’s happening and how they could make a difference. The one degree matters immersive exhibit introduces people to El Niño and La Niña, educated them on the science behind our ocean’s rising temperatures, the consequences that come from it and how to raise support.

There are two different rooms, the first one explains the phenomenon through the posters and the second room allows the visitor to understand the global effect of the phenomenon and the universality of the ocean.

Donations &
Raising Awareness

The design of the posters were used for collater products that people can buy, such as water bottles and posters, to raise funds and help protect and sustain the ocean and those affected by the phenomenons. Being able to have the graphics circulating in objects people can use will contribute to keep raising awareness and creating interest in the project.