Incanto Spell Community

Branding, Web Design,
App Design

2017, New York
Parsons The New School for Design
Magic and Witchcraft has become a scary word in our society, mainly because of stereotypes coming from fear or lack of information. Most spells are simple like herbal cures or superstitions like knocking on wood. Wicca has steadily grown over time, and there is a gap for reliable and well-designed sources of information. Incanto is a community for Wicca practitioners around the world providing a reliable source of information to educate people on basic witchcraft and spell casting, eliminating witchcraft’s negative connotations.

The word logo’s circular path was inspired by the moon, an essential element in withcraft. It rotates in virtual platforms, alluding to the movement of the universe and its importance in witchcraft. The mark logo was inspired by an ink blot and the moon’s craters. The still image is a still from George Méliès film "A Trip to the Moon" (1902). Méliès was the first film director to implement special effects, in his movies, adding a magical feel to them. The logos can be seen separately or locked up.